Rural Health Equity Conference 2021

Jul 6, 2020 | Events

The Rural Health Equity Conference originally scheduled for Nelson, BC on May 14, 2020 has been postponed till 2021. Our Group has been invited to attend.

This conference explores issues of equity and health in rural settings, sparking dialogue and connections between people who share a passion to respond to the unique needs of rural and remote communities. Presentations will explore strategies for genuine engagement and create dialogue about the implications of research findings for both rural communities and service organizations. This conference will spark partnerships for transformative research and knowledge translation. 

Community Action for Health Equity

Rural communities are characteristically resilient and connected, often working together out of necessity to overcome inequities. This theme will feature examples of community action for health equity, inviting critical reflection on concepts like ‘collaboration’ and ‘equity’. Recognizing that inequities are systemic manifestations of unfair distribution of power and privilege, this theme will also explore issues of decolonization and reconciliation.

Relational, Integrated Knowledge Translation

Integrated knowledge translation centres on relationships, transforming traditional ideas of separation between researchers, research participants, and research users. This theme invites deliberation on notions of evidence and knowledge, methodology and rigour, engagement, accountability, and inclusivity. We hope to ignite dialogue about the ways in which research is a public good, part of the systems and resources that shape society.

Our group is looking forward to participating in this conference in 2021.

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