The Rural Health Equity Cluster is a multi-disciplinary team of academics from nursing, medicine, social work, management, and computer science.

By working together, the team brings diverse perpectives and expertise to collaborate for a common goal: to explore innovative ways to leverage technology and local organizations to promote rural health equity.

2020 Publications

Telehealth solutions to enhance health of rural older adults:
A systematic mixed studies review. (in preparation)

2020 Publications

Internet access is not a luxury, it’s a necessity: Rural communities speak about challenges and technology use during COVID-19
(in preparation)
Rush, K., Seaton, C., Li, E., Oelke, N., Pesut, B. (2021). Rural Use of Health Service and Telemedicine During COVID-19: The Role of Access and eHealth literacy. Health Informatics (Online first), 1-15, DOI:

2020 Publications

Social Enterprise and Technology Synergies: Identifying equitable solutions in partnership with rural community stakeholders using concept mapping. (in preparation)

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