The Rural Health Equity Cluster is a multi-disciplinary team of academics from nursing, medicine, social work, management, and computer science.

By working together, the team brings diverse perpectives and expertise to collaborate for a common goal: to explore innovative ways to leverage technology and local organizations to promote rural health equity.

2022 Publications

Seaton, C.L., Rondier, P., Rush, K.L., Li, E., Plamondon, K., Pesut, B., Oelke, N., Dow-Fleisner, S., Hasan, K., Currie, L., Kurtz, D., Jones, C., & Bottorff, J. L. (2022). Community Stakeholder-Driven Technology Solutions Towards Rural Health Equity: A Concept Mapping Study in Western Canada. Health Expectations. Online first. DOI:

Rush, K. L., Burton, L., Seaton, C. L., Smith, M. A., Li, E., Ronquillo, C. E., Hasan, K., Davis, S., & Mattei, M. (2022). A Cross-sectional Study of the Preventive Health Care Activities of Rural-Living Patients Unattached to Primary Care Provider. Preventive Medicine Reports, (online first). DOI: 10.1016/j.pmedr.2022.101913

2021 Publications

Rush, K.L., Singh, S., Seaton, C.L., Burton, L., Li, E., Jones, C., Davis, J., Hasan, K., Kern, B., & Janke, R. (2021). Telehealth use for enhancing health of rural older adults: A systematic mixed studies review. The Gerontologist (Online first). DOI:

2022 Publications

Jonnatan, L., Seaton, C. L., Rush, K. L., Li, E., & Hasan, K. (2022). Mobile Device Usage Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Rural and Urban Adults. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(14), 8231. DOI: 

Rush, K. L., Seaton, C. L., Corman, K., Hawe, N., Li, E., Dow-Fliesner, S. J., Hasan, K., Oelke, N. D., Currie, L. M., & Pesut, B. (2022). Virtual care prior to and during COVID-19: A cross-sectional survey of rural and urban adults. JMIR Formative Research, 6(8), e37059. DOI:

Dow-Fleisner, S., Seaton, C.L., Li, E., Plamondon, K., Oelke, N., Kurtz, D., Jones, C., Currie, L., Pesut, B., Hasan, K., & Rush, K. (2022). Internet access is a necessity: A latent class analysis of COVID-19 related challenges and the role of technology use among rural community residents. BMC Public Health, 22(845), 1-11. DOI: 

2021 Publications

Rush, K., Seaton, C.L., Li, E., Oelke, N., Pesut, B. (2021). Rural Use of Health Service and Telemedicine During COVID-19: The Role of Access and eHealth literacy. Health Informatics (Online first), 1-15, DOI:

2022 Publications

Leimbigler, B., Li, E., Rush, K., & Seaton, C. (2022). Social, Political, Commercial and Corporate Determinants of Rural Health Equity in Canada: An Integrated Framework. Canadian Journal of Public Health. DOI: 

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